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Diaspora Day 2016: "Harnessing the potentials of the Diaspora for National Development"

The annual diaspora day in Abuja is taking place in Abuja from 24th to 26 july 2016.

Event title: "Harnessing the potentials of the Diaspora for National Development" (- the need for the diaspora to actively participate in the development of the country). At this year's conference, Nigerians in diaspora are expected to indicate or make contributions in terms of projects or any activity they would want to undertake as part of their contribution to national development. Such projects or activities may include medical interventions, mentoring, youth empowerment, investment projects etc.

Dates: July 24: arrival and accreditation, July 25 & 26: Diaspora Day events.

Venue: International Conference Center (ICC) Abuja.

Nature of event/projects: Diaspora Day 2016 is strictly project based and outcome oriented. The Diaspora is expected to contribute to acheivements by delivering concrete ideas, projects, and solutions that address the numerous development challenges facing Nigeria. Solutions are not restricted to any particular sector. Professional diaspora bodies with a clear and specific contribution to nation building are warmly welcome. Attendees are encouraged to propose projects or join project teams which could consist of between 10-20 owners. Please quickly send your project sypnopsis, „how-it-works“, slides, prototypes and sponsors to the Time is in short supply.

Registration: Please follow the link or express your participation plans to the Social, Welfare & Events Director

Accommodation/feeding: The Diaspora Day Intercontinental Committee has been briefed that the Local Organising Committee (LOC) is considering between 150-200 rooms for participants at Ritz Continental, Nixon Luxury and a third one that is still under review. The LOC insists that accommodation priority will be given to serious contributors, resource persons and the leadership of Intercontinental and continental NIDO, due to limited budget. Resource persons are those who offer projects and national development solutions to be presented during the event. Arrangements are being made for those who do not fall into this category. The principle of „first come first serve“ may also apply, though. So register immediately.

Transportation: Transportation will be provided for event related mobility. Emergency phone number would be provided in case of any „no show“.

Security: Security will be provided to and from the airport, around the city and at the event location. Specially designated immigration officials will be stationed at the airport to expedite arrival process.

Website: Please visit NNVS website regularly for updates, registration and guidance until a dedicated DD 2016 website is fully revamped. Also visit for related information. A host of print, radio, Tv, etc media will be present during the event.

Hospitality: Meals/tea/coffee will be provided. Free T-shirts and other materials of convenience will be offered to participants.

Program of event: Will be provided soon.

You are welcome to contact the DD 2016 Committee ( or Diaspora Day Intercontinental Committee (DDIC) on the intercontinental level, for further information on all issues concerning this Diaspora Day 2016.

Please be inform that only financially up to date members will be able to register on line.

For further information on financially-up-to-date, please contact the Treasurer by mail on :

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